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Community Game Jam Entry

All assets were created in one week

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Glitch finds himself trapped in a cyber domain controlled by a malevolent A.I. The A.I. seems to be running test on him for unknown reasons.

  • Movement: WASD
  • Interact: Left Mouse Button
  • Shoot: Left Mouse Button

Silver Gear Interactive Team:

  • Michael Finch: Programming
  • Bloody: Art Design
  • Vincent Grim: Art, Music & Sound Design

Install instructions

Simply extract the "A Byte Sized Lie"  folder from the zip file and run the application inside. Windows defender may prevent the application from running, just ignore the warning if this happens. 


A Byte Sized Lie 22 MB


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I was starting to like the game, but then I got to the level with the inverted controls (pictured below). The movement simply isn't precise enough to make it through those tight corridors.

Mac support

Simple concept, adorable graphics, I was feeling like I was actually toyed around by the game. Nice work!